Pads & Protection

Kyokushin Academy & Knockdown ELITE have worked closely with our suppliers to create a bespoke old school range, dedicated to knockdown & full contact fighters. Our products have been produced to the highest quality & design, vigorously tested & approved by professional boxers, MMA fighters, knockdown champions & personal trainers. Ensuring that the items offered are truly tailored towards creating & training the knockdown elite.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

ELITE - 400cm / 180cm Hand Wraps
From £1.99

ELITE - Big Mitt - Ultimate Strike Shield - Filled & Unfilled
From £64.99
The Big Mitt, Kyokushin Pad, Knockdown Strike Shield, Large Kick Pad, XXL Shield.
ELITE - Leather Focus Hook & Jab Mitts
From £34.99
Leather Focus Hook & Jab Mitts
ELITE - Leather Thai Pads
From £59.99
Leather Thai Pads
ELITE - 'Old School' Real Leather Leather Strike Shield
From £74.99
'Old School' Real Leather Strike Shield
ELITE - Retro Warrior - Head Guard: Boxing Style
From £49.99

ELITE - Retro Warrior - Leather Boxing Gloves
From £44.99
Leather Boxing Gloves
ELITE - Retro Warrior - Leather MMA Gloves
From £39.99
Highest quality calf leather MMA gloves
Instructors - Thigh Pads
From £69.99
Deluxe Thigh Pads

Now Available

14oz Deluxe Japanese cut KUDO style knockdown karate embroidered training uniform.

From only £63.99

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